merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Super Bowl – A.J. Hawk

Since my Packers are in the Super Bowl today I thought I would make a few cards to commemorate the day. I cheated and just used the template for the 2011 baseball set. I made a few modifications so that it would work for football I was a little leery of the football in the upper corner, but just went with it. Overall I like how the cards turned out. I have a few that I made that I will put out as the day goes on tomorrow.

I took this picture of A.J. last year when I was in Green Bay for the Packers game against the Vikings. A.J. was going through some drills which is a great time to get some good pictures. I had a great seat for pictures that day. The weather even cooperated for me.

edit: I have gone back and made the back of the card for A.J. Last night I was not going to do it, but it just looked odd to me without one. For the blurb I decided to have some fun with the bowl game that turned into the Brady Quinn – A.J. Hawk show a few years ago.

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