merging my pictures and cards

1987 Fleer – Alexei Ramirez

Sitting here snowed in I decided to try and make a couple of cards. I have a few that I have already made sitting in a file, but after I made this one of Alexei I thought I would post it right away. This was a terrible picture of Ramirez. He was way off center in my frame. As a picture for a card though it worked pretty well.

I took this picture last May when the Sox were playing the Blue Jays. Alexei was throwing the ball around the horn, and I captured him just after he released the ball. I found this picture yesterday while going through some older pictures, and realized that it would look good on a card. I immediately thought of the 1987 or 1989 Fleer sets for it. I liked how it looked on this card so that is where it will stay.

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