merging my pictures and cards

1985 Donruss – Jake Peavy (Error)

As a kid growing up one of the weirdest cards I ever saw was the 1985 Donruss card of Tom Seaver with Floyd Bannisters picture on it. As a kid you pick up on the fact that Seaver was a righty and Bannister was of course a lefty. How could someone miss that? Looking back as an adult it is even more mind boggling. Seaver was a few wins shy of 300 going into the 1985 season, and was a sure Hall of Famer. You would think his card might get a second look. I am sure someone heard about the mistake after it was found. I would hate to have been that guy.

I thought it might be fun to recreate that card in my own way. The post before this one is the regular 1985 Donruss card of Jake Peavy. This one is a similar card with a picture of John Danks on it. I have changed programs since I made the Peavy card so I can’t create the card exactly. I made a new template and updated it a bit. I really never liked the big logo with the white background anyway. I liked the idea of substituting a lefty on the card for Peavy.

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