merging my pictures and cards

1988 Score – Jerry Hairston Jr.

I found this picture last season while going through some older ones for the 2010 set. I was mad that I couldn’t use it because Jerry was no longer on the Reds. When I decided to just make some cards for fun no matter what team the player was on that opened the door for me to get it on a card. My first thought was the 1988 Score set, and when I centered the picture on the card it seemed to work.

For some reason I skipped over Jerry while I was doing my Famous Lineage set. I guess the set is still open so I may have to make one for him. His father Jerry was a longtime member of the White Sox. Jerry Sr. was on the Sox as I was growing up. He now has two sons that have made it to the show. It is kind of neat to make cards that do not involve the White Sox every now and then. Making the Twins cards of Mauer and Crede late last year may have opened a dangerous door.

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