merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Andruw Jones

Today I found out that Andruw Jones had signed with the Yankees. I was kind of sad because I enjoyed watching him while he was a member of the White Sox. I thought that in honor of his signing I would make my first Yankee card of the set. The Sox uniform works fairly well as a Yankee uniform if you ignore the name on the back, and don’t look too closely. I might have a couple tweaks to the front of the Yankee card before the real set comes out. I like the picture of one of Andruw’s big swings. He was fun to photograph because he had a great swing. It was all out, and allowed for some nice shots.

The back of the card is another one that I am faking a bit. I used a picture of old Yankee Stadium that I took in 2008. Until I get to the new stadium this one will have to work. I actually for once could have written more on the back of the card. Now that I have a base for the back of the card it is fairly easy to make. All I have to do is check on the boxes for the stadium background and the team logo. I do have to go and find a picture of the rookie card. I do like how it looks though so it will be worth it.

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