merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd preview – Alfonso Soriano

Alfonso is a hard guy for me to get a handle on. Sometimes he looks like he can do nothing wrong. Other times he takes some mental time off. During a Cubs-Cardinals game this past year he missed an entire at bat while in the field watching a fight in the stands. I know because I missed the at bat as well watching him. He never even glanced at the plate. I guess he might be good enough to go off the crack of the bat, but I doubt it. It looks to me like he dogs some plays. Of course just when Cubs fans counted him out last year he really started playing well.

This picture was taken in 2009 against the Padres when I had some great seats on the first base side. I had a couple pictures of him making contact, but for some reason I liked this one with the leg up. I wanted to post a few Cubs cards since the convention was taking place this weekend. It actually kills me to have more Cubs cards from the 2011 set right now than Sox cards. I will have to fix that during the week. The Sox convention is this weekend so I will have a good chance to do that.


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