merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Brandon Phillips

As I was making these cards yesterday I noticed that both Brandon and Grady were in the Expos organization at the same time. They were both traded to the Indians along with a bunch of other players including Bartolo Colon. As iwith all the Reds cards in this preview set, and for that matter on this site so far the picture was taken at the 2009 Civil Rights Game. I really liked the throwback unis so I took a few pictures. This is one of Brandon before the game getting loosened up.

The back of this card is pretty standard right now. The text backing is a team color with the rookie card just beneath it. I finally got back to numbering the cards with the players number instead of just some random number. The picture on the Reds card is one I took as I was walking around during the last two innings. I liked how this one had home plate as  well as the awesome scoreboard in left field. I like the night shots in the background much better than shots during the day. Of course with some teams I have to take what I can get.


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