merging my pictures and cards

1984 Topps – Mark Buehrle

One of the hardest sets for me to make so far has been this one. The card is simple, but trying to get the team name to look good was the hardest part. I ended up just doing a little cut and paste of the text and placing it on my card that I had made. I don’t think the card turned out badly. I love the set and would love to make more of them. The one problem is that you have to have a close up of the player for the box in the lower left hand corner. I have a couple more of these waiting around, but I need more headshots before I can get any more made. I guess I have a goal for this season.

The main picture on the card was of Mark pitching against the Indians on what should have been the last game of the season in 2008. Of course we all know that they played a make up game the next day against the Tigers before playing the Twins in game 163. The inset picture was taken last August as Mark was coming in from the bullpen prior to the game. He was coming right at the camera so I snapped a couple pictures of him. One of the others is on the ’89 Upper Deck mock up that I did.


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