merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Custom Preview – Ryan Hanigan

Before the season starts I would like to make at least one card from every team. I really only have pictures from one Reds game to choose from. That was the 2009 Civil Rights Game against the White Sox. I always liked the way the pitchers and catchers walk in from the bullpen prior to the game. This picture was taken during that walk. I really like how the set is starting to look. As I make different teams I am getting more and more confident that this is my design for this season. The only difference on the front on this card was that I shrunk the players number down.

The back of the card is the same design I have been using. I used a picture from the lower deck behind home plate looking out toward left field for my background. I think that this was the best view that fit the card. The back is pretty much now solidified as what I will use. I really have not changed anything since I started making these. The only thing that I may tinker with is the size of the rookie card.


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