merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Custom Preview – Johnny Damon

Since I am snowed in I really had nothing better to do than to create another card for the preview set. As I am making different teams for the set I am liking the design more and more. I will have to find a picture that would look better horizontal so that I can try that design out. The picture on the front of the card was taken late in the game on Labor Day last season. I chose the picture for two reasons. One is that Damon appears to be looking right at me. The second is that A.J. appears in the picture. I always liked cards with my favorite players on them as secondary players.

The background picture of the card was taken from the upper deck of Comerica Park last season. I really like how the parks look in the background. I have to visit all 30 stadiums so that I can make this set look like it should. Everything else on the back of the card is pretty much the same. I can see where the blurb could get tough for some players. I still like the idea of the rookie card at the bottom. I think that this will be the design for the back of the card for sure.

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