merging my pictures and cards

1984 Ralston Purina – Paul Konerko

This is another of the cards that I made last night while the snow was piling up outside. As a kid these smaller sets were like gold. Our local card store was actually a jewelery store with a small section in the back with baseball cards. They mostly dealt in the large sets so these cards were rare. That might be why I like them so much. They were so rare to me as a child that now they now seem like something much bigger than they actually are. I liked the idea of trying to make one of these cards.

I chose another picture of Paulie that was taken on August 25th. Sitting by the Sox dugout I had such a good view of the players that I am sure a few pictures will come out of that day. I took an actual card and doctored it up a little. Of course I changed the player name, team and position. I also added an extra touch of changing the card number to Paulie’s #14. For some reason I thought that would be a little cooler. In the actual set two Sox players were featured after their playoff run the year before. Carlton Fisk and Greg Luzinski were the Sox representatives in the set. Now through revisionist history three players from the Sox appear in the set.

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