merging my pictures and cards

1985 Topps – Cole Hamels

Cole is another of the Phillies players I saw when they came to Chicago. The team is so full of stars that I ended up with quite a few cards from that day even though I was in the bleachers where good pictures are hard to come by. Luckily the Phillies seemed to like to turn and look at the crowd during batting practice so I got a few pictures that were not the backs of their warm up jerseys. Cole was getting some heat from the Wrigley crowd as is expected I guess, but just gave them looks as if to say “I make millions how about you?” I caught him one of those times, and thought it would look good on a card.

On a side note the regular cards from the 2010 set are almost done. That is good I guess since the year is over. I will continue to post cards from 1985 as new players become available, but I think I will put them under a new heading. I really do like the set for some reason, and that is why the cards will keep rolling in. As I get better with photoshop cards from the 1984 and 1986 Topps sets will be coming as well.

By the way I stumbled across a great blogger who does the same thing as me the other day. His site is called Phungo which made me wonder why I didn’t think of that in the first place. He takes pictures at games and makes his own cards out of them. I am glad to finally see someone doing the same thing as me. It makes me think that I might not be crazy. You can find a link to his site on the sidebar now as well as in this post.

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