merging my pictures and cards

1977 Topps – Brian Anderson

Here is another blast from the past. Brian Anderson was once the promise of a great center fielder. He really never lived up to his billing at the plate. I still remember Hawk comparing him favorably to Grady Sizemore during a Sox broadcast. He was a really good outfielder though. His glove saved the Sox quite a few runs when he was in the field. His bat was his undoing though, and he was traded to Boston for Mark Kotsay in 2009. He was released by them, and caught on with the Kansas City Royals as a pitcher. He even made it to the big league club late in the season. He was not retained by the Royals, and signed a contract with the New York Yankees. It will be interesting to see what Brian can do as a pitcher.

This picture was taken in 2009 during the Civil Rights Game in Cincinnati. I saw Brian prior to the game pitching during warm ups, and took a picture of it. That may end up on a future card. Brian actually had a good game that day in Cincy. He seemed to play well when I was in the stands. I wonder if that still works when he is on the other team?


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