merging my pictures and cards

1985 Topps – John Lackey

This was also part of the 2010 set that I did. John is one of the bigger name pitchers in the league so I knew that I wanted him in the set. Since I did not see Boston play last year I had to use a picture from his time with the Angels. I thought that maybe it could pass as a weird alternate uniform for the BoSox. I made this card early in the year thinking that I would see him when the Red Sox came to town and change the picture. That of course never happened so I was stuck with the picture you see.

I was going to change the heading on the right from 2010 Baseball Custom to 1985 Topps to reflect the true nature of the cards, but it would not allow me to do it. I wish I could just have everything labeled under the current label also be under the 1985 Topps label, but that is not easy to do on WordPress. If anyone knows a shortcut to label 400+ posts let me know.


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