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2011 csd Custom Preview – A.J. Pierzynski

Topps has their Opening Day set that comes out early to allow fans an early look at their set. Last season I decided to make my own card set after seeing some great customs online. I still can’t come close to what some of these guys do. If you haven’t seen the new Goose Joak design you should head over to his site and check it out. He really does a great job with his cards. I needed something that looked good as well as made it simple to make new cards. When baseball season is in full swing I really don’t have a lot of time to make difficult cards.

The first part of the card I want to talk about is the player’s number in the lower left corner. I have always been a guy that has identifyed with the players by number. Numbers have always been important to me. I was going to put the number on the back, but thought that I could put it on the front. This is the one part of the card I am still not too sure about. I found some great logos online for all the Major League teams as well as the Minor League clubs. They even had some alternate logos as well. In most cases I used the alternate logo just to be a little different. Instead of putting the script csd72 over the picture I decided to place it on a baseball I found inside of my new Photoshop program. The name on the side of the card was a concept I struggled with. It took me a while to get used to it reading down, but I kind of like it now. In fact if I rotate it back it looks awkward to me. What makes the front design nice to me is the fact that I can rotate it easily when pictures that I have don’t fit this format. I still don’t know if I will have the name on the bottom when rotated, or on the side. Part of the problem with using the 1985 Topps design last season was the fact that you were stuck with narrow pictures. Now I can showcase my best pictures for each player instead of just ones that fit the card.

Above you can see my design for the back of the card. I may like the back better than the front. Part of the back was inspired by the early Stadium Club cards that I used to collect. I liked way they included the rookie card on the back so I did the same here. On the actual cards during the season I will number them with the team initials and the players number. A.J. for example would be CWS-12. I think that it makes it a little easier for me to keep track of. That is until multiple players wear the same number during a season. I will cross that bridge when I get there though. I don’t know if I will do it for every team, but I liked having the Cell in the background of the card. Of course I have not been to all the stadiums so I will either have to borrow pictures for the card, or start going to more stadiums. For now though all the Sox cards will feature Comiskey in the background. I really like how the backs turned out.

Here comes the easy part for my readers. This is still a fluid design. Let me know what you think of the card. I have just switched over to Photoshop, and my editing skills are not that great. For my first real customs though I think I did alright. I may tweak the design before the start of the season, but the base is here. Until the start of the season when I can start taking some pictures for the set I will be trying out the design on various teams. For now though any feedback would be appreciated.


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