merging my pictures and cards

1957 Topps – Paul Konerko

I made up a few cards of both Paulie and A.J. after the season in case they left. I am glad that they came back, but now I have a few just sitting around. Here is my attempt at re-creating the 1957 Topps card. It is from scratch, but there is not a whole lot to the card. The pictures that you can put on these cards are hard to come by as a fan. Those cards were mostly posed shots. I will have to work on getting a couple for the set next year.

I took the picture that is on the card in late August. I went to the Sox game with my father on the 25th anniversary of the first game that we went to. We had sweet seats on the Sox dugout. Part of the enjoyment of those seats was watching the kids rush down the aisles with the second out anticipating Paulie giving away the third out ball. Of course he was always thrown another one which he threw out as well so you never knew which ball was in the game.


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