merging my pictures and cards

Randy Williams 2

This is the second card of Randy to make the set this year. The first was one of Randy in a Charlotte Knights uniform. I met him in August when the Knights were in Indianapolis. He was very nice, and had fun with the fans before the game. I thought that his kindness was even more impressive considering he had been sent down not too long before after not doing too well in the show.

He made so many fans day special that when I got back I dug into the archives to find a picture of him with the big club. I used that picture to make the above card. I love the 1985 Topps White Sox card, and I am a little sad that I only have one more to put out. I guess I can keep the set going with newer players as they join the team. I may actually change the Category to the right to say 1985 Topps in the near future. When I started this site it was to make sets each year. With the other custom cards coming out I think that my priorities have changed slightly.


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