merging my pictures and cards

2010 Season in Review #1

Notre Dame v. Purdue 9/4/2010

I thought that it would be cool to pick one picture from each game to do a sort of highlight real of the games that I attended during the season. The first of those would of course be from the first game I saw this season. The Irish and Boilers played their rivalry game right off the bat this season. I loved that my favorite game of the year came first. This and the bookmarking of the Indiana game would be perfect for me. Any bowl game after that is cool as well, but I like this type of scheduling.

I chose the picture of Brian Kelly because the Irish won the game in his debut as the head coach of the Irish. Here is a link to my wrap up on my other site of the game. I had a blast at the game, and thanks to a key turnover the Boilers were in this thing late. The game also featured the biggest highlight of Robert Marve’s tenure at Purdue so far. His scamper and dive into the end zone was probably the highlight of the day for Boiler fans.

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