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2009 Highlights – Paul Konerko Hits Monster Shot

Last season I had some vouchers to use as the season was winding down. I ended up buying tickets to see the Sox play two straight weeknight games against the Twins near the end of August. The Sox lost both of those games, but they each had moments that I will remember. During the first game Paul Konerko hit a shot that was measured at 464 feet by HitTracker. It is the second longest home run that I have seen in person, and of course since my guy hit it the game makes the set. On a side note I have had some things going on lately around here that have taken me away from the sets for a while. I was keeping up my other site Confessions of a Sports Junkie, but let this one slide. I have plans for the site that I will see through. I might just cut the pace down a bit.

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