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Matt Thornton – All Star

I have been on the road the last few days so I am a little late in congratulating Matt Thornton on his All Star game selection. It is great that they rewarded him with a selection as the save category is usually used when picking relief pitchers. A few set up men have now been rewarded. None of them could have been more deserving than the selection of ‘easy heat.’ He has had a great start to the season doing everything that has been asked of him. He has made quite a few appearances as well. Ozzie has been playing the hot hand with him so far. I can’t wait to see him in Anaheim, and hope that Paul Konerko will join him.

I love this picture of Thornton. It was taken in June when the Sox were on the other side of town to play the Cubs. Towards the end of that Saturday game it really started raining. Thornton is shown here looking down towards the Sox dugout in between innings.

By the way Pauly still needs help getting to the game. Go here and vote many times to help him get his rightful place at the All Star game. He has had a great first half, and should be rewarded for it.

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