merging my pictures and cards

Corey Hart

Corey is off to a great start this season. He has now made a name for himself instead of being linked to the 80’s singer who famously wore his sunglasses at night. Corey hit three straight home runs over a two game period this past May. One of those was a walk off, and the next day he hit is first grand slam.

This picture was taken last July when I was in Milwaukee. Corey had just smacked a double off the right field wall that at first appeared to be a home run. Corey did not run the ball out, or he may have had more bases. I really don’t blame him though as the ball appeared to leave the yard. This picture shows him at second after what ended up being a bang bang play at second. I love to find pictures of players with dirt on their uniforms. If the players gets dirty, my camera will usually find him.

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