merging my pictures and cards

Alexei Ramirez – 1984 Fleer

This is the first 1984 Fleer card that I have attempted. The base card was fairly easy to make, but once again I had trouble finding a font that looked like the one used in 1984. I finally found two that at least made the card passable. I had these cool pictures of Alexei that I got at Wrigley a week ago that I wanted to put to use. The perfect way to do that was to make a couple of cards with him in them. As this posts I should be at the Sox game watching them take on the Braves. Let’s hope that he can continue his hot streak.

I love this picture. To me it looks like he is levitating the ball. With the force Alexei can make anything happen. Alexei was actually just doing some ball tricks while he was waiting for someone to throw with.

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