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Gordon Beckham – 1985 Fleer

This is my first attempt at a 1985 Fleer card. When I saw this picture I knew that it would make a great card from the 80’s. It has just enough action to look like something is going on, but it was just a simple catch during warmups. This picture was taken last weekend when I was at the Sox game at Wrigley. I had good enough seats that I got some pictures that can be used on these older looking cards.

This card was actually very easy to make. I just took a 1985 Topps card with a red background and tweaked it a little. I made the border gray and added an inner white square. Inside that white square was where the picture was to go. I then took the White Sox logo that I had already made for the ’85 Donruss cards and put it in the upper left hand corner. I added Gordon’s name and position to the card along with my name in the lower right corner where it was on the Fleer card. The hardest thing about these cards is finding a font that looks good. The position and my name looked good with most fonts. Gordon’s name though took some time to find. Right when I was going to give up I found one I liked. I like this design, and could see some more Sox cards coming from it. I may try some even older designs on my next lazy day.


One response

  1. One of my favorite designs from my youth. Awesome!

    June 20, 2010 at 9:45 pm

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