merging my pictures and cards

Scott Podsednik – SP

Here is another reason for the short prints. I really had some decent pictures of guys that I liked on the South Side. Why not use them in the set? This picture was taken on the same night as the Jim Thome short print from earlier in the day. Last July I was at the Mullet night game, and had some good seats for taking pictures. A few of those from that night have found their way into this set. Scott already has one card in the set with his new team the Royals. I just thought it would be cool for him to have one in a White Sox uniform.

As I said before I took this picture last July at Mullet night. Scott was playing left field, and I happened to have a seat right beside him. I got a few good pictures of him that night. It is a shame that he switched teams and I can’t use them for future sets. I liked this one the best though because he is looking right at me.


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