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2009 Highlights – Jim Thome’s 460 foot Grand Slam

Last year I got fairly good seats for the White Sox game against the Orioles. I always enjoy going to Mullet night and celebrating the stylish hairstyle. What I did not expect when I went to the game was to see a show by Jim Thome. He hit two home runs on the night including a 460 foot grand slam. He ended up with seven RBI’s for the day making for a great night. I got some great pictures and had a great time. It was a night to remember for sure, and worthy of making my highlights.

This picture was taken as Jim was watching his grand slam leave the field. It must be something else to feel the ball come off of your bat when you hit it that far. When you hit a ball over 450 feet you have to know it right away so for once I would think that you could watch it go. A picture of Jim rounding the bases after his shot can be found here on his short print card.

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