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Gordon Beckham – 1st MLB Hit HL

I had to title the post this way because in a couple of weeks I will have another card in the highlights series featuring Gordon. So far I have had good luck in seeing Beckham do well. I have seen about 1/3 of his pro home runs in person. On June 6th of last year though I was lucky enough to be at the game where he got his first hit. The original post from that game can be found here from my other site Confessions of a Sports Junkie. Gordon had gone almost a week in the bigs without a hit. When he was called up I knew that I would be at this game, and I wondered what the chance was that we would see it. Gordon did not disappoint. He drove a Dontrelle Willis pitch to the outfield, and took a huge monkey off of his back. He rode that momentum through the rest of the season.

This game also had some other high points. The original image for this card was of the bench clearing brawl between the two teams. Dontrelle was hurt most of his outing, but seemed just fine whenever he did something good. I think A.J. must have said something to that effect as he walked by Dontrelle on the field. Tempers flared and the benches cleared. nothing really exciting came out of it as both teams just went out to support their teammates. The game looked to be over before the Sox started a furious late game rally to send it into extras. Linebrink served up a gopher ball to Miguel Cabrera though in the 10th to end it.

The picture on this card is of the follow through of Beckham on the swing that netted his first hit. He has such a compact swing that I have trouble getting a shot of him mid swing. I have since gotten better, but remember this was early on. I was thrilled to be in the park for that hit, and I hope he can become good enough to warrant that excitement.


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