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Jeff Samardzija – SP

Jeff Samardzija makes the set in short print form first. When he was at Notre Dame Samardzija was quite the draw. He would pack the stands when he made his Friday night starts. None of those was bigger than the one he made before the Blue Gold game in 2006. The stadium was packed and buzzing as Samardzija took the mound. After the 2006 season Jeff was selected by the Cubs in the 5th round of the MLB draft as the 149th pick. He chose to play baseball over football professionally, and spent the summer with the Peoria Cubs before coming back to Notre Dame to play his senior season for the Irish. He has had quite a career so far, and it will be fun to see where it takes him from here.

I attended quite a few of Samardzijas starts at Notre Dame. I took this picture from my usual seat when he pitched in the left field bleachers. I always sit in the right field bleachers, but for photography purposes I would move over to get some pictures of Jeff. This picture was taken with one of my old cameras. I really wish I had just bought my current one  back then so that some of these older pictures would be a little better.

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