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2003 #1 Draft Pick – Delmon Young

Delmon started his career off badly in the minors getting a bad reputation for altercations with two umpires. He has since proven himself to be a solid ballplayer who currently plays alongside the 2001 #1 pick Joe Mauer. He is the younger brother of former MLB player Dmitri Young.

This is not the best picture of Delmon, but it is the best that I had on file. I took it while the Twins were warming up this April.

Here is how the first round looked in 2003:

1 Delmon Young Tampa Bay Devil Rays RF Adolfo Camarillo High School
2 Rickie Weeks Milwaukee Brewers 2B Southern University
3 Kyle Sleeth Detroit Tigers RHP Wake Forest University
4 Tim Stauffer San Diego Padres RHP University of Richmond
5 Chris Lubanski Kansas City Royals CF Kennedy-Kenrick High School (PA)
6 Ryan Harvey Chicago Cubs CF Dunedin High School
7 Nick Markakis Baltimore Orioles OF Young Harris College
8 Paul Maholm Pittsburgh Pirates LHP Mississippi State University
9 John Danks Texas Rangers LHP Round Rock High School
10 Ian Stewart Colorado Rockies 3B La Quinta High School
11 Michael Aubrey Cleveland Indians 1B Tulane University
12 Lastings Milledge New York Mets CF Lakewood Ranch Senior High School
13 Aaron Hill Toronto Blue Jays SS Louisiana State University
14 Ryan Wagner Cincinnati Reds RHP University of Houston
15 Brian Anderson Chicago White Sox CF University of Arizona
16 Jeff Allison Florida Marlins RHP Peabody Veterans Memorial High School (MA)
17 David Murphy Boston Red Sox CF Baylor University
18 Brad Snyder Cleveland Indians RF Ball State University
19 Conor Jackson Arizona Diamondbacks 3B UC Berkeley
20 Chad Cordero Montreal Expos RHP Cal State Fullerton
21 Matt Moses Minnesota Twins 3B Mills E. Godwin High School
22 David Aardsma San Francisco Giants RHP Rice University
23 Brandon Wood Anaheim Angels SS Horizon High School
24 Chad Billingsley Los Angeles Dodgers RHP Defiance High School
25 Brad Sullivan Oakland Athletics RHP University of Houston
26 Brian Snyder Oakland Athletics 3B Stetson University
27 Eric Duncan New York Yankees 3B Seton Hall Preparatory School
28 Daric Barton St. Louis Cardinals C Marina High School
29 Carlos Quentin Arizona Diamondbacks OF Stanford University
30 Mitch Maier Kansas City Royals C University of Toledo

Looking at the top 30 I was surprised at the number of players on the list that suited up in a White Sox uniform at one time or another. Carlos Quentin, Brian Anderson, David Aardsma, and Jon Danks are all 1st round picks. Two of those players are currently on the Sox.

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