merging my pictures and cards

Zach Stewart

Zach is an example of one of the cooler stories that I have come across since I started blogging. I posted on my other blog Confessions of a Sports Junkie about the Road to Wrigley game last August. In that post I included a picture of Zach that his mother somehow found. She contacted me to ask if I had any more since they had no access to pictures of him. I sent her all the pictures I had in a couple of emails, and it felt great. I hope that I can someday see him play in the bigs and get some pictures of him. Sometimes the simplest interaction can mean the most. I begin to wonder every now and then if anyone is reading my stuff. Little things like that help me along when I feel as if I am just writing for myself. Zach was traded to the Blue Jays organization from the Reds along with two other players for Scott Rolen. He was a reliever in AAA last season, but he is starting this season in AA. Right now he is 3-1 in ten starts for New Hampshire.

The picture used for this card was the one that I had posted on my site for the Road to Wrigley game. I figured since the picture was the cause for Zach being in the set that I would use it for his card. I would love to see the kid in a Major League game someday.

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