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2001 #1 Draft Pick – Joe Mauer

We all know about Joe Mauer. He is one of the best players in baseball right now. In 2001 the choice for the #1 draft pick really boiled down to two players. One of them was Mauer, and the other was Mark Prior. By 2003 it looked like the Cubs had gotten the better end of the deal with Prior leading his team to within one out of the 2003 World Series. We all know how that story turned out, and how Mauer has since changed things. He is one of the best hitters in baseball. A pure hitter with a beautiful swing. Mauer is the reigning MVP, and Prior is out of baseball. The Twins definitely made the right pick that day.

This picture was taken last July when we made our trip to see the Metrodome one last time. Mauer was in the retro Twins uniform and right in front of me. I got some good pictures of Joe, but this one just seemed to fit the card. I am sure that I will photograph Joe many more times in his career before it is all said and done.

Here is how the first round looked in 2001:

1 Joe Mauer Minnesota Twins C St. Paul, MN (Cretin-Derham Hall HS)
2 Mark Prior Chicago Cubs RHP University of Southern California
3 Dewon Brazelton Tampa Bay Devil Rays RHP Middle Tennessee State University
4 Gavin Floyd Philadelphia Phillies RHP Baltimore, MD (Mount Saint Joseph College)
5 Mark Teixeira Texas Rangers 3B Georgia Tech
6 Josh Karp Montreal Expos RHP University of California
7 Chris Smith Baltimore Orioles LHP Cumberland University
8 John Van Benschoten Pittsburgh Pirates RHP Kent State University
9 Colt Griffin Kansas City Royals RHP Marshall, TX
10 Chris Burke Houston Astros SS University of Tennessee
11 Kenny Baugh Detroit Tigers RHP Rice University
12 Mike Jones Milwaukee Brewers RHP Phoenix, AZ
13 Casey Kotchman Anaheim Angels 1B Seminole, FL
14 Jake Gautreau San Diego Padres 1B-3B Tulane University
15 Gabe Gross Toronto Blue Jays LF Auburn University
16 Kris Honel Chicago White Sox RHP Bourbonnais, IL (Providence Catholic HS)
17 Dan Denham Cleveland Indians RHP Antioch, CA
18 Aaron Heilman New York Mets RHP University of Notre Dame
19 Mike Fontenot Baltimore Orioles 2B Louisiana State University
20 Jeremy Sowers Cincinnati Reds LHP Louisville, KY
21 Brad Hennessey San Francisco Giants RHP Youngstown State University
22 Jason Bulger Arizona Diamondbacks RHP Valdosta State University
23 John-Ford Griffin New York Yankees RF Florida State University
24 Macay McBride Atlanta Braves LHP Sylvania, GA
25 Bobby Crosby Oakland Athletics SS Long Beach State
26 Jeremy Bonderman Oakland Athletics RHP Pasco, WA
27 William Horne Cleveland Indians RHP Marianna, FL
28 Justin Pope St. Louis Cardinals RHP University of Central Florida
29 Josh Burrus Atlanta Braves SS Marietta, GA
30 Noah Lowry San Francisco Giants LHP Pepperdine University

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