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2000 #1 Draft Pick – Adrian Gonzalez

This is the type of player that I would expect to see listed as a #1 overall pick. Gonzalez has been a force in the majors over the last few years. He is one of those superstars that fans come out to see, even if he does play late at night in California. He will be a free agent this off season so it will be interesting to see where he ends up playing.

I was lucky enough to see him play a couple of times. The most recent of those being last season. In that game he hit two home runs, one of which is captured on this card.

Here is the complete rundown of the 2000 first round:

1 Adrian Gonzalez Florida Marlins 1B Chula Vista, CA
2 Adam Johnson Minnesota Twins RHP Cal-State Fullerton
3 Luis Montanez Chicago Cubs SS Miami, FL
4 Mike Stodolka Kansas City Royals LHP Corona, CA
5 Justin Wayne Montreal Expos RHP Stanford
6 Rocco Baldelli Tampa Bay Devil Rays OF Warwick, RI
7 Matt Harrington Colorado Rockies RHP Palmdale, CA
8 Matt Wheatland Detroit Tigers RHP San Diego, CA
9 Mark Phillips San Diego Padres LHP Hanover, PA
10 Joe Torres Anaheim Angels LHP Kissimmee, FL
11 Dave Krynzel Milwaukee Brewers OF Henderson, NV
12 Joe Borchard Chicago White Sox OF Stanford
13 Shaun Boyd St. Louis Cardinals 2B Oceanside, CA
14 Beau Hale Baltimore Orioles RHP Texas
15 Chase Utley Philadelphia Phillies 2B UCLA
16 Billy Traber New York Mets LHP Loyola Marymount
17 Ben Diggins Los Angeles Dodgers RHP University of Arizona
18 Miguel Negron Toronto Blue Jays OF Caguas, PR
19 Sean Burnett Pittsburgh Pirates LHP Wellington, FL
20 Chris Bootcheck Anaheim Angels RHP Auburn
21 John Bonser San Francisco Giants RHP Pinellas Park, FL
22 Phil Dumatrait Boston Red Sox LHP Bakersfield College
23 David Espinosa Cincinnati Reds SS Miami, FL
24 Blake Williams St. Louis Cardinals RHP S.W. Texas State
25 Scott Heard Texas Rangers C San Diego, CA
26 Corey Smith Cleveland Indians SS Piscataway, NJ
27 Robert Stiehl Houston Astros RHP El Camino College
28 David Parrish New York Yankees C Michigan
29 Adam Wainwright Atlanta Braves RHP Marietta, GA
30 Scott Thorman Atlanta Braves 3B Cambridge, ON

A LaPorte native Chris Bootcheck can be found as the 20th overall pick in the draft.

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