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Ken Griffey Jr.: Famous Lineage

You had to know that this card was in the pipeline didn’t you? This was the second card in this series that I made, but I kept having other cards come up so I kept holding off posting it. I figured I would release it to coincide with the Mariners trip to Chicago in July. Griffey won’t be making that trip now. What father and son pair are the most famous in baseball? Some cases could be made for other pairs, but have they ever played on the same team? Or hit back to back home runs? This is one case where the son outplayed the father, and Griffey Sr. was a heck of a ballplayer. As you can tell by my post activity tonight I really felt this today. Another chapter of my childhood is now closed.

The picture of Griffey was taken in 2008 during his stint with the White Sox. I was so excited to see ‘the kid’ in person that I took way too many pictures. That works to my favor now. The card of course is the 1985 Topps card of his father. When possible I have been trying to put a 1985 Topps card on these as a hat tip.

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