merging my pictures and cards

Brian Fuentes

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Angels game in the Cell. I went to see a game, but as usual I took way to many pictures. Because of this blog I have been taking some different types of pictures, and it has worked out well so far. Normally I would never have taken a picture of this creepy guy staring at me. He was facing me so I did. It turned out to be the closer for the Angels Brian Fuentes. I was actually decently far away from Brian, but it still looks as though he was posing for me. I like how putting my pictures on fake cards has caused me to think outside the box a little bit when taking pictures. I don’t just take the same boring old pictures anymore. It is a challenge that has been fun to experiment with.

Normally this is where I talk about the picture, but I have done that pretty well already. I figured I would use the space to talk a little about how the set is coming together. I have over 300 cards made, and still more to go. I never thought I would get this far with this. It started with me just making a Beckham card for fun after reading through some blogs. It has turned into something that adds to my enjoyment of the games I have been going to. I think that I have been getting a little better with card composition, and who knows where this will lead to?

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