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1995 #1 Draft Pick – Darin Erstad

In 1995 we have a very grindy pick. Darin Erstad was one that surprised me. This draft actually featured two number one picks. Pat Burrell was taken in the 43rd round, but did not sign. He would become the 1st pick in the 1998 draft. Darin would go on to play in the Majors and be successful, but I would guess that he did not play up to the #1 pick expectations. His year in Chicago was one to forget.

This picture was taken on Polish American Night in 2007. I do not have a bunch of pictures of Darin so I had to use one of him standing at first taken from the upper deck. It actually turned out good though. If he only had some dirt on his uniform you could see how grindy he was.

Here is the complete list of round one picks from 1995. Some big names are on this list. One other person I found interesting was Tom Brady. He was drafted by the Expos in the 18th round. He went to Michigan, and was later drafted in the sixth round of the NFL Draft by the New England Patriots. We all know how that turned out. I have been checking out the Sox picks in the draft, and they have all been bad so far with the exception of Baines.

1 Darin Erstad California Angels OF University of Nebraska
2 Ben Davis San Diego Padres C Malvern, PA
3 Jose Cruz, Jr. Seattle Mariners OF Rice University
4 Kerry Wood Chicago Cubs RHP Grand Prairie, TX
5 Ariel Prieto Oakland Athletics RHP Palm Springs, CA
6 Jamie Jones Florida Marlins OF San Diego, CA
7 Jonathan Johnson Texas Rangers RHP Florida State University
8 Todd Helton Colorado Rockies 1B University of Tennessee
9 Geoff Jenkins Milwaukee Brewers OF University of Southern California
10 Chad Hermansen Pittsburgh Pirates SS Henderson, NV
11 Mike Drumright Detroit Tigers RHP Wichita State University
12 Matt Morris St. Louis Cardinals RHP Seton Hall University
13 Mark Redman Minnesota Twins LHP University of Oklahoma
14 Reggie Taylor Philadelphia Phillies OF Newberry, SC
15 Andy Yount Boston Red Sox RHP Kingwood, TX
16 Joe Fontenot San Francisco Giants RHP Lafayette, LA
17 Roy Halladay Toronto Blue Jays RHP Golden, CO
18 Ryan Jaroncyk New York Mets SS Escondido, CA
19 Juan Lebron Kansas City Royals OF Arroyo, Puerto Rico
20 David Yocum Los Angeles Dodgers LHP Florida State University
21 Alvie Shepherd Baltimore Orioles RHP University of Nebraska
22 Tony McKnight Houston Astros RHP Texarkana, AR
23 David Miller Cleveland Indians 1B Clemson University
24 Corey Jenkins Boston Red Sox OF Columbia, SC
25 Jeff Liefer Chicago White Sox 3B Long Beach State University
26 * Chad Hutchinson Atlanta Braves RHP Encinitas, CA
27 Shea Morenz New York Yankees OF University of Texas at Austin
28 Michael Barrett Montreal Expos SS Pace Academy
29 Chris Haas St. Louis Cardinals 3B St. Mary’s High School
30 Dave Coggin Philadelphia Phillies RHP Upland High School

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