merging my pictures and cards

Gary Brown

I have to be honest on this one. I was lucky enough to see Cal State Fulleton play earlier this season when I was in Washington. I wanted to find a good enough picture to get a card in the set, and this was one that stood out. It was not until I looked up Gary that I found out that he is a really good prospect. One baseball site has him as the 58th best prospect out of college. I vividly remember seeing Kurt Suzuki playing for Fullerton in the College World Series in 2004. I followed his career right up until I saw him play for the A’s in person. Maybe the same can happen with Brown.

This March I was in Washington for the NCAA tourney, and saw Fullerton play Washington in Seattle. I snapped this shot of Gary as he was waiting for the pitch. I really did not take too many pictures at the game, but this one stuck out to me. Fullerton was selected to host the regional round of the NCAA tourney today. They will face the Big Ten Champion Minnesota who won both the regular season and Big Ten Tournament.

The only other player that I have seen in person on that list was Kyle Gaedele. He was number 100 on the list, and his card can be found here.

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