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Brendan Ryan

Today’s second card is of Brendan Ryan of the Cardinals. Most people would recognize Brendan by his high socks that hearken back to the glory days of the Cardinals. Then again some people recognize him by his mustache. He has a great one that I was able to see up close last season. Ryan is one of those players that is invaluable to a team. He can do it all, and is probably one of the hardest workers on the team. He also has two first names.

As you will see with many of the Cardinal cards that get posted on here I took many pictures last August during the photography day. When I got to the stadium I was disappointed that their was no batting practice. Then I saw people lined up on the rail in left field and asked why. They said that they were going onto the field. I naturally stayed where I was and went on the field with the people. I found out that on select Saturdays the team parades around the field letting fans get up close and personal with them. Of course I had my camera with me, and I had a field day with it. These are the type of close up shots that Topps used to love. You will see many of those when it comes to the Cardinals.  This particular picture may be one of my favorites.

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