merging my pictures and cards

Albert Pujols – All Star

Here is my second attempt at an All Star card. I thought that I would try an NL version, and what better player to try than Albert? Like Mauer he is a shoe in for the game. Since he switched to first base he has been at the top of the list for NL first basemen. He really is that good. Now we have an all star from each league in the set. I think that I will wait a month or so before attempting any more all star cards. I just wanted to try and get something going to see how hard it would be to do.

This picture was taken last August at a game in St. Louis. I realized that in two days of going to Cardinal games I had plenty of pictures of Albert at bat. I knew that he had a little different style of fielding so I decided to try and capture that. The only problem was an annoying wire in the way. I put the picture in a bit off center to hide the wire with the name plate.

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