merging my pictures and cards

Chris Coghlan

Today I thought I would post some cards with pictures from Saturday’s White Sox game against the Marlins. The first of those cards is of Chris Coghlan. This is the third card that features the All Star Rookie trophy on it. I really first learned of Chris last summer when he hit his first home run, and the Happy Youngster in Milwaukee caught it. The controversy that surrounded it made me a little less excited to see Chris win the NL Rookie of the Year. My first time seeing him in person saw him go 0-3.

The picture on the card is of Chris in his first at bat of the day. Nothing terribly exciting happened during the at bat. He hit a lazy pop fly to Juan Pierre in left field. I tried to get an interesting picture of Chris knowing that I would be making a card of him, but he really does not have a photogenic swing. So I settled for a shot of him setting up at the plate.

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