merging my pictures and cards

Bobby Abreu

This should post right about the time that the Sox game starts tonight. I will be at the game so I thought that I would post my only Angels card. When I went to the Angels game last season I took lots of pictures. The only problem is that all those players are now gone. Guys like Guerrero, Figgins, Lackey are playing for other teams. I guess I will have to try and get a couple good pictures tonight. At least I can move around tonight unlike at Wrigley on Monday.

A quick note on the cards. I have gone back and fixed the names on some of the players. For some reason when I used a card as a template the name became a little jumbled. I really noticed it on the Guillen card from yesterday. The cards will look the same on the web, but in real life I have changed them.

Alright on to the picture. I had three pictures of Bobby that were good enough to use. The first was of him fielding a ball in right field. For some reason it just didn’t look right on the card. I also tried a picture of him making contact at the plate. That one did not look good either. I ended up with the above picture, and it looked the best. For some reason with the 1985 Topps set the cards that look the best have little action. If their is action it has to be compact.


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