merging my pictures and cards

Lou Pinella

This might just be my favorite card so far. It is not because it is of Lou Pinella either. Only a Sox fan would make a manager card showing that manager falling down. This card gave me some trouble. You would think that all you would have to do to make a manager card would be to add another banner and paint it black. For some reason though it was not that easy. Everything had to be re-adjusted. The card is made though, and now I haveĀ  a template for future manager cards. Could an Ozzie Guillen card be next? I think so. I can’t just let the Cubs be one up in a category. This card might also be a little payback. In 1976 he barreled into Carlton Fisk at the plate igniting a brawl. That play at the plate can be found as my avatar for WordPress.

Finally I really have something to talk about in the picture section. At a game in 2007 between the Cubs and the Padres Chris Young hit Derek Lee with a pitch. As Lee was walking down the line to first he and Young had some words. Those words led to a bunch of punches thrown (none of which connected). The fight turned into a bench clearing affair. This picture was taken near the end of that affair. Lou was just standing in between two players when the pile moved towards him and took him down. I just may have to make a couple more cards from this whole deal.

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    May 20, 2010 at 12:05 am

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