merging my pictures and cards

Miguel Olivo

The Rockies cards are coming hot and heavy. The two players that I seemed to have the most pictures of yesterday were Todd Helton and Miguel Olivo. I explained my interest in Helton in the last post, but Olivo is a different story. He will probably not be in the Hall of Fame. He was of interest to me because of his time in Chicago. He was only here a short time, but he was fun to watch. His grand slam against the Cubs is a moment that is still seared into my brain. I kept hoping for a repeat last night, but it did not come. This is the fifth post already that features a catcher. If you read my other blog Confessions of a Sports Junkie you know that the catcher is probably my favorite position. I assume there will be a few more catchers that make their way into this set before it is all said and done.

As usual I will talk a little about the picture. This was taken during warm ups yesterday. While warming up the pitcher Olivo came out of his crouch a few times as if to fire one down to second. He only did it a couple of times, but I caught him in the act as you can see. I have not followed him too much lately, but back in the day he had a cannon.

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