merging my pictures and cards

A.J. Pierzynski

Since Bob Howry was released yesterday I went through and started thinking about other players who could leave their teams soon. The first name I thought of was A.J. I don’t think that he would want to leave, but that may just be the reason that he is gone sooner rather than later. If the Sox don’t start playing better soon A.J. may be traded before his 10 and 5 status starts in about four weeks. A.J. has always been a favorite of mine, and whenever he does go it will be a sad occasion. Hopefully the Sox can get it going so that he will be around at least a little longer.

This picture was taken on Mullet night last season. I had some great seats on the third base side that let me watch the players warming up. I took some great pictures, and for some reason I liked this one of A.J. I was trying to avoid another player batting, and the other decent pictures I had of him all had a defect. This one won over all of them. I think it has to do with the number and name on the back of the jersey.


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