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1989 Donruss (100%)

1989 Donruss is a 660-card set. One of Donruss’ nicer offerings, it long-run value has been depressed by its rampant overproduction. The cards feature a distinctive black side border with an alternating stripe on the side. Subsets include Diamond Kings (1-27) and Rated Rookies (28-47). There are two variations that occur throughout most of the set. On the card backs “Denotes Led League” can be found with or without a second asterisk on the right side. On the card fronts the horizontal stripes on the left and right borders can be either light or dark. Since both of these variation types are relatively minor and seem equally common, there is no premium value for either type.

Rather than short-printing 26 cards in order to make room for printing the Bonus MVP insert, Donruss apparently chose to double print 106 cards. These double prints are listed below by DP.

Rookie Cards in this set include Ken Griffey, Jr., Randy Johnson, Craig Biggio, Gary Sheffield and John Smoltz as well as the only rookie card of Curt Schilling.

Despite the overproduction, or perhaps because of it, the aforementioned rookie cards have been submitted in mass quantities to professional grading services.

I have all 660 cards in the base set.


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