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1984 Donruss (97.1%)

1984 Donruss is a 660-card set. The attractive card front designs changed considerably from the previous two years. This set has since grown in stature to be recognized as one of the finest produced in the 1980’s, largely due to the design, but mainly due to the limited production and rookie card selection.

The first 26 cards in the set are again Diamond Kings (DK). A new feature, Rated Rookies (RR), was introduced with this set with Bill Madden’s 20 selections comprising numbers 27 through 46. Two “Living Legend” cards designated A (featuring Gaylord Perry and Rollie Fingers) and B (featuring Johnny Bench and Carl Yastrzemski) were issued as bonus cards in wax packs, but were not issued in the factory sets sold to hobby dealers. The seven unnumbered checklist cards are listed at the end of the list below.

Variation cards apparently resulted from a different printing for the factory sets as the Darling and Stenhouse no number variations as well as the Perez-Steele errors were corrected in the factory sets which were released later in the year. The Diamond King cards found in packs spelled “Perez-Steele” as “Perez-Steel.”

Rookie Cards in this set include Joe Carter, Don Mattingly, Darryl Strawberry, and Andy Van Slyke. The Joe Carter card is almost never found well centered. When I originally bought this set in 1985 it was hand collated. For some reason they put two Mattingly rookies in it. Back then that was like striking gold.

I have 641/660 (97.1%) cards in the set. Here are the cards that I need to complete it:

  • 32 Tony Fernandez RR RC
  • 41 Joe Carter RR RC
  • 53 George Brett
  • 54 Rickey Henderson
  • 57 Reggie Jackson
  • 59 Ozzie Smith
  • 60 Nolan Ryan
  • 66 Dale Murphy
  • 83 Andy Van Slyke RC
  • 97 Andre Dawson
  • 107 Paul Molitor
  • 123 Mike Boddicker
  • 183 Mike Schmidt
  • 189 Fergie Jenkins
  • 216 Julio Franco
  • 248 Don Mattingly RC
  • 324 Tony Gwynn
  • 557 Dave Henderson
  • NNO DK Checklist #1-26
  • NNO Checklist #27-130
  • NNO Checklist #131-234
  • NNO Checklist #235-338
  • NNO Checklist #339-442
  • NNO Checklist #443-546
  • NNO Checklist #547-651
  • A G. Perry/R. Fingers
  • B C. Yastrzemski/J. Bench

Update 3/7/11 took off card #311 of Ryne Sandberg


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