merging my pictures and cards

1983 Fleer (95.6%)

This was a set that I had as a kid. I broke it to make a few trades, and judging by the cards missing I have some work to do. A few rookies and stars are all I need to complete the set. I am also missing all the checklists, but I think those will turn up as I go through my cards. I currently have 631/660 (95.6%) of the cards in this set. Below are the cards I need to finish this set.

70 Cal Ripken

108 George Brett

179 Wade Boggs RC

206 Steve Garvey

220 Steve Sax

292 Tim Raines

360 Tony Gwynn RC

463 Nolan Ryan

498 Fergie Jenkins

616 Kent Hrbek

630 G.Perry/T.Bulling

631 D.Concepcion/M.Trillo

634 P.Rose/W.Stargell

635 T.Harrah/A.Thornton

642 R.Hassey/L.Barker

647 Cards/Brewers CL

648 Orioles/Angels CL

649 Royals/Braves CL

650 Phillies/Red Sox CL

651 Dodgers/White Sox CL

652 Giants/Expos CL

653 Pirates/Tigers CL

654 Padres/Yankees CL

655 Indians/Blue Jays CL

656 Astros/Mariners CL

657 Cubs/A’s CL

658 Mets/Rangers CL

659 Reds/Twins CL

660 Specials/Teams CL


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