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1982 Donruss (96.1%)

1982 Donruss is a 660 card set containing 653 numbered cards and seven unnumbered checklists. The first 26 cards of this set mark the debut of the Diamond Kings (DK) and feature the artwork of Dick Perez of Perez-Steele Galleries. The Diamond Kings would become a staple of Donruss Baseball set for the next decade.

After issuing 1981 Donruss with a stick of gum in each pack, an appeals court ruled that Topps still had the exclusive right to market baseball trading cards packaged with gum, or as a stand-alone product. As a result, each ’82 Donruss pack contained three pieces of a 63-piece puzzle, which, when put together, make a collage of Babe Ruth entitled “Hall of Fame Diamond King.”

I have 634/660 (96.1%) of the cards in this set. Here are the cards I need to complete this set.

1 Pete Rose DK

15 George Brett DK

16 Tom Seaver DK

18 Dave Winfield DK

34 George Brett

46 Jack Clark

54 George Bell RC

74 Carl Yastrzemski

83 Barry Foote

94 Ozzie Smith

124 Tony Pena

270 Frank LaCorte

271 Barry Evans

356 Richard Dotson

405 Cal Ripken, Jr. RC

531 San Diego Chicken COR

558 Yankee Winners

627 Terry Francona RC

648 Tommy Davis CO

652 Willie Upshaw

(654) NNO Diamond King Checklist COR

(655) NNO Checklist 27-130

(656) NNO Checklist 131-234

(657) NNO Checklist 235-338

(658) NNO Checklist 339-442

(659) NNO Checklist 443-544

(660) NNO Checklist 545-653


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