merging my pictures and cards

1981 Donruss (99.8%)

The premiere Donruss baseball card set consists 605 cards. Wax packs contained 15 cards as well as a piece of gum — the only year any confectionary product was allowed in their packs. The standard-size cards are printed on extremely thin stock and some players have un-natural skin tones (i.e. black players appear with purple skin, and white players brown). The key Rookie Cards in this set are Danny Ainge, Tim Raines, and Jeff Reardon.

Numerous errors of the first print run were later corrected by the company. According to published reports at the time, approximately 500 sets were made available in uncut sheet form.

While many of the pictures were taken at the two Chicago area stadiums, some were shot (especially those of New York players) by a young Keith Olbermann.

I am only missing one card in this set out of 605 (99.8%). Below is that card:

537 George Brett/Rod Carew “Best Hitters”


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